Our mobile stacking spray rack system is designed to place a constant uniform water spray on the test unit. Multiple shutoff valves allow control of both horizontal and vertical spray areas. Multiple spray racks can be daisy-chained to cover large areas. Our racks are built for the rigors of laboratory testing and will provide years of reliable performance.

Key Features

  • Lightweight yet sturdy stacking system saves space and can be removed from the test area
  • Multiple shutoff valves control vertical and horizontal spray areas
  • Corrosion resistant materials used throughout
  • ASTM E783
  • ASTM E547
  • Large orifice spray nozzles minimize clogging
  • Modular design for daisy-chaining of rack units
  • Spray properties meets the requirements of North American fenestration test standards
  • Optional: Recycling system filters and pumps water via computer controlled interface
  • Optional: European CE version is available

Multiple Spray Racks

Stacked for storage

Uniform Spray

Mobile system provides consistent uniform spray over large areas