Precision Engineered Impact Cannons for Hurricane and Tornado Testing

Our automated computer controlled missile impact cannon is designed for safety, accuracy and ease of use. This unit can be raised to impact multiple locations with an optional lift mechanism or with a conventional forklift. Since each missile has unique firing parameters, a database of missiles is created and recalled. This significantly reduces “practice” shots. Every shot is logged to a data file for verification and reporting. After impact, cycling is easily and quickly performed with our Hurricane Cycling test equipment.

Key Features

  • Dual mode: Computer controlled system with manual firing capabilities
  • Many safety features built-in: flashing lights, audible alarm, auto purge, etc.
  • Extremely user-friendly software
  • Laser allows for accurate shot placement
  • Every shot digitally logged for reporting and analysis
  • Missile database to minimize “practice” shots
  • Lightweight and mobile
  • Reliable photo optics for speed monitoring
  • Optional:  Digital camera system feeds directly into test computer for calibration
  • Optional:  Small Missile Module attaches to the front of the barrel to perform ASTM 1996 (Missile level A)
  • Optional:  Tornado upgrade for 100 MPH impacts

Missile Impact Cannon

Photo optic speed measurement, laser targeting, many safety features

Impacted Window

Mounted on an ATS Test Wall and ready for cycling