Powerful Automated Equipment For Your Needs

Our air-water-structural test system is at the heart of our automated line of precision laboratory test equipment. Perform air infiltration, water penetration and uniform pressure testing to current standards with ease and accuracy. Modular equipment and software design allows for cost-effective upgrades. Powerful software is ideal for both R & D and certification testing.

Key Features

  • Extremely user-friendly software with extensive report capabilities
  • Automated pressure hunting allows you to focus on the product under test
  • High capacity variable speed blower with quick stop braking system
  • 4” diameter air lines throughout—standard
  • Airflow automatically corrected to standard conditions
  • Temperature and Barometric Pressure transducers
  • Modular design with mobile console
  • Emergency stop button
  • Metric or English units selectable
  • Optional: Hurricane cyclic pressure testing
  • Optional: Computer interface for pressure monitoring and spray control
  • Optional: Multi-channel digital deflection measurement system
  • ASTM E283
  • ASTM E331
  • ASTM E547
  • ASTM E330
  • ASTM E2268
  • ASTM E2357
  • ASTM E5206 (Optional Software Module)
  • AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440
  • TAS 202

Test Console

Automated control of air-water-structural testing

Optional:  High Speed Cycling and Deflection Measurement System

High Capacity Blower System