ATS modular test walls come in  standard 6’ wide x 10’ tall sections.  Additional custom vertical sections can added for the height of your product.  Our wall system allows you to quickly stage and test products for air infiltration, water penetration, uniform wind load and hurricane cycling performance.  Each 6’ section is designed for a shut-off valve plumbed into a 4” rigid pressure line and clean-out plug.  As a result, multiple units can be tested simultaneously (air infiltration is the exception).  A pair of light-weight high strength aluminum buck dollies and four mounting clamps are included with each 6′ section sold.

Key Features

  • Durable epoxy painted frame with aluminum and stainless steel hardware
  • 1/2” thick clear polycarbonate surface for viewing and structural integrity
  • Test ports are hard plumbed with a shutoff valves and pressure deflectors
  • 4” diameter air lines throughout—standard
  • Overhead plumbing allows for a clear viewing area of the product under test
  • Aluminum buck dollies and quick mount clamps for test unit staging
  • Modular design for expanding the test surface

Test Sample

Mounted on buck dollies and ready for testing

 Test Wall System

Back view showing overhead pipe
bridge and individual shutoff ports