Hurricane Simulation Cycling Systems

After performing impacts with our cannon system, efficiently cycle your test product. Our turn-key hurricane cycling system frees your air—water—structural system from down time. Create custom cyclic profiles and let the software execute the entire profile with a single mouse click. This system automatically corrects for leakage changes in your test sample and holds max/min targets. Our system has an auto-hunt feature which allow you to complete testing well within specifications. It is not uncommon to complete an entire Dade profile (4500 cycles positive / 4500 cycles negative) in under 3 hours.

Key Features

  • Meets ASTM / AAMA / NAFS / DADE test requirements
  • Proprietary valve design dumps air quickly and completely
  • Automated pressure control compensates for changes in product leakage during a test
  • Automated pressure reversal system
  • ASTM E1886
  • Build and execute standard or custom test profiles
  • High capacity variable speed blower system with dynamic braking
  • 4” diameter air lines throughout
  • Optional: integrate seamlessly into our air-water-structural (AWS) test system

Cycling System

Computer controlled cycling workstation

High Capacity Blower System