Window and Door Test Equipment

Our equipment is specifically designed to efficiently and safely test the performance of fenestration systems.  This includes impact and cyclic equipment used to simulate storm debris under very high wind pressures found in severe weather environments (i.e. tornado’s and hurricanes).  Our equipment can perform tests to ASTM, DADE, NAFS, JIS, CE, and ISO standards in Certification, Research & Development (R&D), In-Line and Quality Control (QC) applications.

ATS equipment includes Portable Test Kits, Air-Water-Structural-Cycling Hardware & Software, Test Wall Systems, Test Sample Staging Equipment, High Capacity Blower Systems, Impact Cannons (hurricane, tornado, & small missile), Water Spray Racks, Water Recycling Systems, and Multi-point Deflection Systems.  We can also design and build custom test equipment specific to your needs.

Portable Test Equipment

To complement our large scale laboratory test equipment, we offer a portable PC based automated test kit.  This precision test equipment is designed for the rigors of field, laboratory and quality inspection applications.  Perform R&D, certification and code compliance testing with equipment designed and manufactured by ATS.


Automated or Manually operated portable Air and Water Test System